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6 Strength Training Exercises For Krav Maga

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6 Strength training Exercises for Krav Maga Practitioners.
An area of training that is neglected by many is strength training in Krav Maga, we often talk about or hear the words Functional fitness, Functional strength and so on, these are terms that are thrown around a lot but for those of you that don’t know, they generally refer to fast explosive motions, think Clean and Press, Plyo Box Jumps, Burpees etc.

Now this is a great way to train, but we often overlook the foundation strength needed to execute some of these exercises. Here we focus on 6 Strength training exercises for Krav Maga Practitioners.

1. The Bench Press – Maximum Overload the Chest Muscles. The bench press is virtually unparalleled in its ability to target the chest muscles with heavy loads. This isn’t to say that the bench press isolates the chest (the shoulders and triceps play a major role, too). Nonetheless, benching allows you to target the pecs with a boatload of weight. You will Increase Push Strength. The bench press does work when it comes to making you stronger on push exercises. This is because it hits the chest, shoulders and triceps hard. These muscles are then made stronger for other push exercises like the Overhead Press or Dips.

2. The OverHead Press – If you want raw power, this should defiantly be in your routine, not only will the overhead press give you a strong powerful look it will increase your power considerably if trained correctly and it will increase your core strength. Watch your Punching power go through the roof!

3. Weighted Pull Ups – Increase your pulling power (Literally) with the weighted Pull Up, palms facing away from your body with arms just wider than shoulder width apart, this will strengthen your Back and provide you with more strength in any motion where pulling is involved, Combatively making you stronger in the Clinch!

4. Weighted Dips – Build solid Triceps and Chest with Dips, if your just starting out use your own body weight, if your more experienced add some weight with a Dip belt. Dips will increase your pushing power ten fold. Combatively develop a strong Punching / Pushing ability with Dips.

5. Barbell Squat – The Squat is going to recruit more strength in your legs, the legs being the driving force in many Combative motions. I know Leg days hurt! But neglect the Squat and you are failing your self. Start squating and watch your Punching, Kicking and all round power go through the roof!

6. Leg Raises – Leg raises engage the core, hitting the lower and upper abdominal area, not many people realise this but our core is engaged in everything we do, from getting up off the ground to throwing a hammer fist. A strong core is a strong Body.

These are 6 of the best exercises to get you on the road to increasing your strength, I’ll cover specific ways to train for strength, speed, power and explosiveness in future posts.

Author Jeff Hollows is Chief Instructor at Krav Maga Newcastle – If your interested in learning more, use the contact form to book in for a free trial Krav Maga Class in Newcastle.


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