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‘Jeff is a talented Instructor, skilled Kravist and all round nice guy. Smart, understated and skilled, he is everything a great Instructor should be’

Paul Grey – Training Director. British Krav Maga Association

Krav Maga Newcastle
is run by instructor Jeff Hollows. Jeff is a lifelong Martial Artist and has spent the last decade of his life immersing himself in Self Protection and Unarmed Combat. Jeff regularly travels Internationally to train and update his skill set.

Jeff served in the British Army as a Surveillance and Reconnaissance soldier where he took part in operations in Afghanistan. As a Krav Maga instructor Jeff has taught Civilians, the Private Security Sector and has also taught numerous Sectors of the British Armed Forces in a official capacity (Something that is relatively unheard of). 

Jeff is a Certified Krav Maga Alliance Instructor,  Jeff is also a trained and certified instructor under Amit Porat, a senior IDF Krav Maga instructor having trained direct in Israel with Amit and the International Military Krav Maga organisation.

Jeff runs a welcoming, friendly training environment that welcomes all abilities and fitness levels. If you’d like to come see for yourself, Jeff offers free trial sessions as an intro for those who may be interested in training in Krav Maga.

Jeffs certifications

  • Krav Maga Alliance Level 5 Instructor
  • Wingate Krav Maga Instructor Course (Israel)
  • Graduate Krav Maga Instructor – British Krav Maga Association
  • Military Krav Maga Instructor – British Krav Maga Association
  • International Militiary Krav Maga Instructor – IMKM Under Amit Porat (Senior IDF Instructor)
  • BTEC Level 3 in Self Defence Instruction
  • Combat Submission Wrestling Affiliate - Erik Paulson
  • STX Kickboxing Affiliate - Erik Paulson
  • Katulong Guro in Warriors Eskrima
  • Jeet Kune Do & Kali Associate Instructor - Adaptive Martial Concepts
Krav Maga Newcastle Instructors

Krav Maga Newcastle Coaches with Krav Maga Alliance Founder John Whitman & the KMA Training Team.

Academic College of Wingate Krav Maga Instructor Course
Academic College of Wingate Krav Maga Instructor Course
IDF Krav Maga in Newcastle
With Senior IDF Instructor Amit Porat
Teaching Royal Marine Commandos Krav Maga
Teaching Royal Marine Commandos Krav Maga