Krav Maga Newcastle

Advanced Krav Maga Class

Strike, Clinch, Throw, Grapple in Advanced Krav Maga Class we do it all!

Advanced Krav Maga

Fighting in all Ranges

Krav Maga Newcastle’s Advanced Krav Maga class for intermediate and advanced level students that have passed and achieved their Level 2 Krav Maga test. We work on all areas of the fight, attacks, defences, timing, feints, tactics, movements. We develop the right skills for sparring and ring fighting, but remember, the street is not the ring. You’ll be using Thai pads, Focus mitts, Weapons, Glove drills and sparring in all ranges! 

Training focuses on combinations, fighting in the clinch, takedowns, ground fighting, weaponry and fighting multiple opponents. Sparring is must with takedowns and grappling permissible in most scenarios.

Functional training

Develop, test, and hone your Krav Maga fighting techniques through partner drills, Pad work and sparring. Improve your stand up and ground fighting skills through our advanced training evolutions. Your Krav Maga skills will strengthen like never before.

Our goal is to train fighters who are well rounded, both standing and on the ground, possessing a wide variety of skills for any potentially dangerous situation in a Fun, Safe and Friendly training environment.

Advanced Krav Maga Class

Want to Know More?

Advanced Krav Maga class is strictly reserved for students who have tested and passed the Level 2 Krav Maga assessment – no exceptions.