Krav Maga Newcastle

Beginners Guide to Krav Maga Newcastle

Beginners Guide to Krav Maga Newcastle

Krav is a relatively easy and quick to learn self-defence system but that doesn’t mean learning the basics of the system should be rushed by new students. Correct mastery and understanding of the basics will provide the foundation to your future skill acquisition and ability as a Kravist so focus on learning to execute the techniques correctly.

Beginners Guide to Krav Maga Newcastle

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My advice to new students is to:

  • Get the movement bio-mechanics right first. Focus on executing the gross movements of the techniques you’re learning correctly then once you can do that refine them.  Do not rush this stage.
  • Learn and understand the principles of Krav Maga. They underpin the Krav Maga system.  No two conflict situations are ever the same, understanding the principles will enable you to apply the skills you learn to defend yourself in any situation.
  • Understand the why, what and how of what you’re learningWhy are you learning this technique, what is its purpose and what is the threat?  What combative or self-defence technique should I utilise to counter this particular threat and How do I do that particular technique.
  • Drill the movements until they become instinctive. Do this in class and practice them at home.  When you cannot actually physically do the skills then drill them mentally by running through the movements in your mind.  It is through regular and repetitive training that these skills will become second nature.
  • Technique over speed. Focus on Correct technique over speed to begin with, once the technique has been mastered then you can build the speed.
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You’re learning a new skill, so you’re bound to make mistakes, we all do it’s an important aspect of learning so don’t be too hard on yourself.  The important thing is to learn from them and to try not to repeatedly make the same ones.
  • Challenge yourself in class. Push yourself mentally and physically in class to improve but within the limits of your own ability.  I am there to encourage and to guide you towards your goals but only you truly know how you feel.  If it is too much especially early on in your training, then stop and let me know.
  • Positive attitude. Approach training with a positive mental attitude and you may surprise yourself at what you can achieve.
  • Have fun!! Perhaps the most important point of all.  Work hard and concentrate in class but try to enjoy the experience.  Life is so much more enjoyable if we have fun so please don’t take yourself too seriously in class.
“It is worth remembering that the difference between an average Kravist and a good Kravist is the basics done well.  Master the basics during the beginner’s course and you will give yourself sound foundations for your future development as a Kravist”

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