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BMABA syllabus recognition


The British Martial Arts & Boxing Association Officially Recognises and Approves Krav Maga Newcastle’s Syllabus & Curriculum


The BMABA Syllabus Licensing service is a renowned and widely respected proactive vetting process for a syllabus or curriculum.


Here’s what the BMABA has to say about the process:


It’s not about rubber-stamping a style or discipline, but rather recognising the way you do things in your club with a professional piece of documentation to back you up. We understand that many of our instructors will spend years refining a syllabus or ‘way of doings things’ unique to their club. Quite often this might include relying on techniques from more than one discipline”

The British Martial Arts & Boxing Association committee and executive panel has assessed the structure, intent, grading progression and techniques of Krav Maga Newcastle / Krav Maga X curriculum for integrity and professionalism and we are very pleased and proud that it has passed and been approved.

Moving forward any student that takes a grading or test with us will not only be recognised by Krav Maga Newcastle, but also gain National recognition through the British Martial Arts & Boxing Association.


Jeff Hollows Krav Maga Newcastle

Jeff Hollows is the Founder and Head Instructor at Krav Maga Newcastle.

Krav Maga Newcastle provides Weekly Classes, Seminars and 1-1 Personal Training in Krav Maga and Martial Arts.

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