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Bulgarian Bag

Conditioning is King in Combative’s & Combat Sports – The Bulgarian Bag may well be the answer to Fighting Fit Conditioning

The Bulgarian Bag

bulgarian bag

Bulgarian bags were originally designed to assist with the training of wrestling, grappling and combat sports.

It’s success has meant that it is now considered a great universal fitness tool that helps develop functional and primal strength. In recent years, the popularity of Bulgarian bags has expanded into the mainstream, with Crossfitters, athletes, gym-goers and weightlifters adopting this tool as part of their workout routines.

It’s also a fantastic bit of gear for anyone simply looking to get functionally fitter and stronger. It helps develop strength that helps in everyday tasks.


The Bulgarian bag is a great investment due to its versatility. There are many Bulgarian bag workouts you can follow, but you can also be creative with it and use it in a custom workout. Take a look at the video, this will give you a idea of some of the exercises you can do with the bag.

It can easily target legs, shoulders, chest, back, arms and in particular, core. You can choose to target specific muscle groups or adopt a more integrated approach.

Benefits of the Bulgarian Bag

  • Very versatile
  • Durable
  • Can be used in many different workouts
  • Mobile – great for personal trainers and fitness classes
  • Come in various sizes and weights – great for any level of fitness
  • Movement focused – improving functional strength that will support you in everyday life
  • Improves anaerobic fitness
  • Improves grip like no other fitness tool

Bulgarian Bags can also be used to enhance traditional body weight exercises such as push ups, squats, presses, etc. The bags offer great variations to these traditional exercises and well as being suitable for innovative sport specific movements.

It is one of the best examples of a piece of fitness equipment aimed at developing functional strength. You can use it to throw, push, twist, bend, rotate, balance, pull and pretty much any other functional movement you can think of. They also provide a very intense anaerobic conditioning workout and will optimize your overall health and fitness.

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