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An important part of a child’s training, grading is a test and acknowledgement of their progress as a martial artist.

Similar to school exams, students must stay focused while training, and go over and consolidate old and new information by training at home and revise all of their required techniques before grading

Coloured belt gradings can be thought of as stepping stones on the path to a student’s goal of reaching black belt. Kids will be tested on what they have learnt at their current belt, to see if they are ready to progress to the next level and also help them build their confidence to set higher goals in everything they do.

There are many belts to earn, starting with white going through to black.

what is involved in grading

When a student has completed their minimum time period and lessons on a particular belt, and have gained a strong grasp of the technical requirements for their current grade, their instructor will book them in to attend a Grading. Students are only tested on the techniques required for their belt grade. Immediately after the grading, a formal presentation occurs where students are awarded Grading Certificates and Belts.

Grading for children must be a positive experience. In a very competitive world, it is important that kids learn the importance of working hard towards achieving their goals.


Krav Maga For Kids Molds Young Adults

One benefit of our children’s classes is the unparalleled socialization practice they will get. They will have the chance to work on individual and collaborative communication with instructors, peers, and eventually, beginners like they once were. Empathy, compassion, and leadership are core values we instil in our students.



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