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Extreme close combat


Intensive PERSONAL TRAINING programs

IPT allows you to seriously train for 1,2 or more days covering some of our most valued material. This would be the best option for someone wanting to get a great training experience in a short period of time. IPT is the most effective and focused method of instilling the combative skills taught.

The most preferable option is to train for a weekend (Saturday & Sunday) for 2 days (4 hours each day) with total training time 8 full hours.

Krav Maga Newcastle

extreme close combat (ECC)

Extreme Close Combat (ECC) module is a foundational block of instruction that introduces students to the parameters and context of criminal assaults and Combatives. This block can be customized from a 4-hour format to a 16-hour format.


Learn to be your own Bodyguard.


Students first learn how criminals actually assault citizens in the real world. They are then introduced to strategies and tactics for challenging and pre-empting the potential assailant. The course then shifts to simple physical skills for countering a spontaneous assault, regaining initiative, and escaping. Instruction may also include ground work and empty-hand applications against firearms and edged weapons, depending on seminar length.

ECC by far our most popular 1-1 training option.

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