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So you want to get in the best condition of your life, be fighting fit and can’t stand the gym! Ok I have the perfect solution – meet the Hill Sprint. Your Krav Maga class will get you fit, but if you want to sky rocket your conditioning into the next century Hill Sprints are most definitely the way forward.

Hill sprints are a great way to simultaneously enhance training for maximum power, muscle building – sprints recruit a larger number of muscle fibers than weighted squats – and fat burning since they are a high intensity exercise performed in a relatively short period of time. In an optimally designed training plan, sprints can be used to increase endurance and physical conditioning.


Benefits of Hill Sprints

  • Increase Explosive Power
  • Gain Strength
  • Maximise Conditioning
  • No Gym required
  • Improves anaerobic & aerobic fitness
  • Typically no more than 20 minutes a workout
  • Great for Fat Burning

The whole point of steep hill sprints is to demand a truly maximal-power effort. For this reason, they need to be very short. Your first session, performed after completing a light warm up, should consist of just one or two 8-second sprints on a steep gradient of approximately 6 to 8 percent. From this point onwards try to add 1 – 2 sprints each time you hit the hills until your at a point where you can do a good 10 sprints.

Always allow yourself the opportunity to recover fully between individual sprints within a session. In other words, rest long enough so that you are able to cover just as much distance in the next sprint as you did in the previous one. Simply walking back down the hill you just ran up should do the trick, but if you need more time, take it.

Once you have built up to 10 reps of sprints, look to either move to a steeper gradient and start the process again or stick with the same hill and add another exercise in to the mix – a  firm favourite of mine is to do 5 Burpee’s at the top of the hill after each sprint.

For overall Fight conditioning, explosiveness, speed and strength – Hill Sprints are where its at.

Jeff Hollows Krav Maga Newcastle

Jeff Hollows is the Founder and Head Instructor at Krav Maga Newcastle.

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