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One of Krav Maga Newcastle’s members and regular Barre member, Anna Ridley set herself a challenge to raise money for a charity close to her heart, Changing Lives. This national charity provides specialist support services for vulnerable people and their families, including the homeless, those suffering from addictions, mental health issues or abuse.

Anna set up a Barrethon – 10 classes to be completed in one day! The Barre says that the classes ‘give a total body workout that shares its DNA with the resistance training found in classical ballet’. More used to bear crawling and burpees, Joanne, Tina and Linz approached the session in true ‘Krav’ spirit, with a great deal of trepidation determination!

We were asked to remove our shoes (a sigh of relief was heard when we realised that not only did we manage to have on matching socks but we had the ones without the holes in too!) and were ushered into a small ballet style studio with mirrors and ballet Barres.

The workout was based upon small controlled movements and was at a beginner’s level in line with our inexperience. We were kept right by the instructor who was very good and attempted to insure that our bodies were aligned correctly. It was a total body workout using weights for the upper body and plie squats for the lower body as well as isolations for the glutes and we found some unusual uses for the Barre to do abdominal work. It just goes to show that small movements can have a big effect and we were glad that we weren’t the ones doing the 10 classes!

I think we made a good account of ourselves until the stretching at the end when the instructor did the splits. She attempted at coaching us through this particular move but looked slightly perplexed at our poor attempts!

Anna did a great job and had lots of people taking part in the classes and has raised nearly £1,300 for Changing Lives. We were very glad to help her raise money for such a good cause and represent Krav Maga Newcastle whilst we were doing so. If you would like to help her raise more money for this excellent charity please go to her Just Giving Page:

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