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Krav Maga Sunderland offers a complete program of Krav Maga, our Krav Maga Program in Sunderland offers a Safe, Friendly & Fun training environment. You will be made to feel welcome the moment you step foot in the door.

Krav Maga Newcastle


Are you prepared to defend yourself at a moment’s notice against a real-world threat? If you want the answer to be “yes,” then try out one of the world’s most effective self defence systems with our Krav Maga Classes at Krav Maga Sunderland.

Krav Maga Newcastle


Krav Maga teaches the most efficient movements possible, simple self defence strategies. Krav Maga Sunderland classes will prepare you to act at a moment’s notice, without the wasted movements and drawn-out rituals of many traditional martial arts. 

Advanced Krav Maga


This discipline is truly one of the best ways to get in shape fast. Krav Maga training is all about teaching your body to react with force when you least expect it. And to simulate many of the real world situations you could face, we aim to exhaust you with total body workouts before asking you to do even more.

Krav Maga sunderland classes 

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