Krav Maga Newcastle

Krav Maga Tactical Beach Training

9am – Saturday THE 10TH OF july – 10 PLACES 

Krav Maga Tactical Beach Training

What to expect:
  • Tactical Krav Maga training
  • Edged Weapons Simulations
  • Close Quarter Combat with Weapons
  • Armed Response Training – Firearms
  • CQC Grappling

This event will involve training in techniques of Krav Maga, exercising on and in the sand/water, and team based challenges.


It will be strenuous, possibly cold, and definitely wet and sandy. Plan accordingly!

on the day

Clothes: Wear wicking fabrics and avoid cotton.

Food: Bring your own liquids and food. Be sure they are easy to eat. Don’t experiment with new foods/supplements for this training.

Hygiene: There will be limited access to restrooms due to the location.

Penalties: There is a 20 burpee buy in for the following infractions:


  • Being late
  • Whining


Bonus: There will be Jam donuts provided for anyone who wants to quit during training.

Saturday 10th of July - only 10 places - book your place now


The Beach – All participants will receive detailed instruction on the exact location when signed up.

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