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Military Krav Maga Newcastle

Military Krav Maga – Offering a brief insight into what Military Krav Maga is all about for the keen student of Krav Maga or for members of the Armed Forces looking for more information on the subject. When ever I teach Military Units, Individuals from the Armed Forces or Hostile Enviroment Close Protection Operatives the emphasis on training is always the same and consists of Simplicity, Retention of Training and getting the most out of what usually is a very short time frame.


Unlike a Civilian going to a weekly class, the Military are on a short time frame and usually require a short intensive course of training to get the soldiers Combat Ready for a given operation or as part of Pre Deployment Training, they do not have weeks on end to learn Krav Maga, but usually anything from 3 hours to a Intensive 5 day course depending on the unit and its objectives.

I often get asked about the difference between Civilian and Military Krav Maga, well the answer to that lies in the outcome of your objective. Teaching Krav Maga to civilians is offering them the tools to escape danger, deal with the threat, disengage and hopefully go home safe. When teaching Members of the Armed Forces we need to address Primary and Secondry Weapons, restrictions and implications of wearing certain equipment, Arrest and Control, and of course closing with the enemy and using Lethal Force if the situation dictates.


There are a variety of subjects that can be delivered to Individuals and Units, these include:

  • Close Quarter Combatives
  • Edged Weapons Defence
  • Arrest and Control
  • Use of Primary and Secondry Weapons systems as a Cold Weapon and Defensive Tool
  • Weapons Retention (Long & Short)
  • Ground Survival
  • Aggression and Adrenalised Training

The list above gives an insight into what can be offered but is not exhaustive, if you require more information please contact us.

I hope you have found this insight into Military Krav Maga useful and of interest.

Jeff Hollows is a Military Krav Maga Instructor and Head instructor at Krav Maga Newcastle. If you require more information or wish to host a course for your Unit Please get in touch.


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