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“The most realistic Self Defence training in the UK”

The Sunday Times.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

New Year, New You! Get started with something different in 2017! Try Krav Maga Newcastle for the ultimate challenge – Sign up today to kick start your 2017, try Krav Maga.

Get, tougher, stronger faster with Krav Maga Newcastle. In just 16 weeks you’ll look good, feel great and have learned a range of life schools rarely seen outside of specialist military and law enforcement agencies.

Participate in a high level coaching programme delivering elite level fitness, proven close quarter combat skills and an unprecedented mental toughness training programme.

Krav Maga Newcastle emphasises realistic, instinctive Self Defence training. Krav Maga deals with common street attacks, weapons and high risk situations. Training is dynamic, fast to learn, and instinctive to apply. Krav Maga is the worlds most battle proven self protection system and is taught to over 500 Military Units and Law Enforcement Agencies across the world. Our Krav Maga training includes some of the toughest training and conditioning outside of Elite Military Units.

Krav Maga Newcastle are offering a comprehensive programme of professional coaching including:

  • A complete Beginner friendly intensive training programme.
  • A minimum of 32 hours professionally coached Israeli Krav Maga Close Quarter Combat training including ground fighting, adrenalized training and weapons survival training – for all levels and abilities.
  • Defensive tactics and strategic street awareness development.
  • Combat Psychology and Mental toughness development and training.
  • Immersion in a supportive community of fellow recruits all overcoming obstacles and challenges together.
  • Physical challenge and reality based scenario training.
  •  A significant personal challenging.


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