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Accelerate your learning process, maximise your potential, and achieve your goals faster with individualised hands-on instruction tailored to your needs.

Personal Training


Customised Training Plan: Coach Jeff works closely with you to assess your skill level, understand your objectives, and create a personalised training plan. By tailoring the program to your unique needs, we ensure that every session is optimised for your progress and growth.

Individualised Instruction: Coach Jeff provides hands-on guidance, offering immediate feedback and corrections to refine your technique and form. This personalised approach accelerates your learning, allowing you to overcome challenges and achieve mastery at a faster pace.

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Coach Jeff has trained with and been certified to teach a range of Krav Maga, Defensive Tactics and Martial Arts, including Combat Submission Wrestling, Grappling, Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Martial Arts. He can bring a wide range of experience and defensive tactics options to you and transmit them via 1-1 coaching.

The very best way to excel at what you do is to learn it on a 1-1 basis. Whether your looking to accelerate the learning process, advance quickly through the curriculum or are interested in becoming an instructor – one to one coaching is your best choice for achieving these goals quickly.

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All personal 1-1 training is done in Sunderland.

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Limited 1-1 personal training slots are now available on Saturday & Sunday Morning.