Online Krav Maga Class


Online Krav Maga Classes for Members

Our classes include Krav Maga Theory, Basic Striking, Weapon defence, Adrenal stress management training, ground defence, Solo training, fitness, strength, and flexibility training, De-Escalation skills, Situational Awareness training and much much more….

So why is it important to train through these challenging times?

We have found that meeting up with our students regularly helps to keep a routine, we are able to socialize and learn new life-saving skills that will be with you for the rest of your life! We need to look after ourselves physically and mentally in these challenging times! Home learning is a positive step for us all.

Classes start on Monday 4th of January @ 7pm – 8pm and run once weekly every Monday.  Cost is £39 per Month – Classes are via Zoom.


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