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A Seminar With IDF Instructor Amit Porat

We do things a bit differently, Krav Maga IDF Style!

IDF Krav Maga in Newcastle

Straight out the IDF…..

In May 2016 we had the pleasure of hosting Senior Israeli Defence Forces Krav Maga instructor Amit Porat in Newcastle for what turned out to be a action packed day of instruction from the very best in Krav Maga.

We had local students from Newcastle along with Instructors and students from as far as Manchester, Warrington and Cumbria turn out for the day.

Amit Porat, Newcastle uk
Amit Porat at Krav Maga Newcastle
Amit Porat at Krav Maga Newcastle

Born From Combat

Amit started the day with a brief but intense warm up, it was after this that everybody was going to witness Amit’s explosive, simple approach to Krav Maga. We got straight into training covering everything from defences from kicks, punches, grabs, chokes and close range knife attacks.

Everyone was exposed to new material but there was more to it than technique alone, Amit instilled a mind set of survival and a explosive approach to Krav Maga which sadly is not often seen these days.

Training was progressive throughout the day and allowed everyone the opportunity to get time for questions and personal instruction from Amit him self.

Amit Porat at Krav Maga Newcastle

A fresh approach to training insured everybody attending had a great day and took a lot away with them in terms of physical skills and training methodology. I think everyone’s eyes were opened and there were definitely some switches turned on that day – After all its not everyday you get the opportunity to train with and learn from a IDF Krav Maga Instructor of this calibre.

I would personally like to thank Amit for taking the time out for doing this seminar, it hopefully wont be the last. And a big thank you to all the students and instructors that supported the event.

Jeff Hollows Krav Maga Newcastle

Jeff Hollows is the Head instructor at Krav Maga Newcastle, for information on training, Classes and Seminars please feel free to contact me here.

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