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She Fights Back – Women Only Self Defence

She Fights Back is Back in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

The last She Fights Back was a huge success, and due to popular demand it’s back! Don’t miss out – No Boys allowed!

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SHE FIGHTS BACK is a fun and non-intimidating self-defence seminar we run at Krav Maga Newcastle. The goal? To teach our most practical and effective Krav Maga moves to women of all ages, no matter what their experience or fitness level is. We will empower you both physically and mentally, in a fun and non-intimidating atmosphere.

We want to raise awareness about potential dangers, as well as give our participants the necessary tools to safely counter common types of street attacks that are typically targeted at women. Basically, we teach you how to keep you safe. 

SHE FIGHTS BACK will revolve around the common threats to women, focused on building real and street proven self-defence tools. The session will run for 3 hours, during which time the following topics will be covered:

  • Understanding the importance of awareness and getting to know general tools to prevent and de-escalate potential threats.
  • Learning fundamental fighting skills (Striking and where to strike for maximum impact)
  • Dealing with basic common physical threats and attacks women may face.
  • Learning instinctive reaction to common attacks.

Where: Walker Activity Dome, NE6 3BR

When: Sunday 29th of April, 10am – 1pm

Course Fee: £30


Krav Maga Newcastle

She Fights Back

Think this is for you? Then your rite! There’s only one rule, Females Only!

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