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Submission Grappling in Newcastle


Offering a complete program of Submission Grappling, our Submission Grappling Program in Newcastle follows Erik Paulson's Combat Submission Wrestling Curriculum. We are the only CSW Official Affiliates in Newcastle

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We are Official Affiliates of Erik Paulson's Pro Coach Association. The best place to learn Submission Grappling in a Safe, Friendly and Fun training environment in Newcastle.

Submission Grappling Newcastle

Combat submission wrestling

Erik's system (CSW) blends Judo, Freestyle Wrestling and Greco Roman with techniques and submissions from Shoot Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Sambo and Catch As Catch Can Wrestling.

Submission Grappling Newcastle


Combat Submission Wrestling is full of painful submission's and devastating leg locks. With a Strong enfaces on position before submission and structured curriculum to follow, CSW is perfect for Beginners.

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Unit 16A

Helmsman House

Norham Rd North

Newcastle Upon Tyne

NE29 8RZ

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Find Us

unit 1

Take the turn off for Dove Building Materials and drive through the gates as if you are going in to Dove Building Materials.

unit 2

Drive to the end then turn Left (see Red Arrow) You should see some units.

unit 3

We are located at the bottom on the right hand side as the Red Arrow points out.