KMA Level 1 & Level 2 Testing

KMA Level 1 & Level 2 Testing

Have You Got What it Takes? Test Your Self – Come and Find Out

KMA level 1

Krav Maga Alliance Level 1 Testing

KMA Level 1 – The first rung on the ladder, take the first steps on your path to mastery of Krav Maga. Got what it takes?

KMA level 2

Krav Maga Alliance Level 2 Testing

KMA Level 2 – Already passed Level 1, well done! Now its time to dig a little deeper and up your game. You have put the time in, lets see if its been worth while.

Internationally Recognised Testing From Krav Maga Alliance

Although Krav Maga is not a martial art, it is fundamentally a self defence system, there are many aspects to it, and as such they are divided into groups of increasingly complex manoeuvres.

Krav Maga Testing is Challenging, Tough, Hard and Fun – If you want to test your self then this is definitely for you.

Krav Maga Alliance

The Next Testing is Sunday the 7th of October, 10am Start.

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