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The Why Factor in Krav Maga

What is the "Why" Factor?

What I'm talking about when I refer to the Why factor in relation to Krav Maga is the reasoning behind what we all do. Ok look at it this way, how many of us are taught a given technique then go on to perform it hundreds if not thousands of times without even realizing what it is we are doing?

Now there's nothing wrong with that, particularly in the beginning as a new student, after all the aim is to become proficient at protecting our selves and loved ones, plus we don't want to over complicate things and make people think to much about what they are doing, as a instructor in Krav Maga I want the new student to be able to defend themselves in the shortest amount of time possible.

krav maga Newcastle

However what if I told you there is a Why Factor (reason) for the way we do everything in Krav Maga, from throwing a punch to performing a choke defence.

krav maga Newcastle

As a Instructor in Krav Maga it is very important that we can articulate why things are performed the way they are to our students. This is something that was heavily emphasized to me whilst training at the Wingate institute in Netanya, Israel.

When a student of Krav Maga progresses they should start to understand and of course be pointed in the right direction from there instructor as to Why they are doing things the way they are, otherwise they have physical skills with no understanding behind them.

In order for us to be better practitioners of Krav Maga we need this level of understanding behind what we do. Without this the next generation of Krav Maga instructors will not inherit this and we will start to see a decline of knowledge base in the coming years.

Krav Maga is a science, and behind every movement lies a scientific explanation - Start exploring your Krav Maga.

Jeff Hollows Krav Maga Newcastle

Jeff Hollows is the Head instructor at Krav Maga Newcastle. For more information on training, Classes and Seminars please feel free to get in touch, you can contact me Here.