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Training with Amit Porat

1 Week with IDF Krav Maga Instructor Amit Porat

Jeff Hollows and Amit Porat - Israel 2016

1 Week in Israel

In March 2016 I had the pleasure of spending 1 week under the personal 1-1 tutelage of Amit Porat at his Gym in Rishon Lezion, Israel.

First off, let me introduce you - Amit Porat Is a Senior IDF Krav Maga Instructor who still actively teaches the IDF to this day, He is the Chief instructor for International Military Krav Maga. For the past 16 years Amit has taught various levels of security personnel across some of the best Security Academies in Israel as well as training Foreign Military Personnel.  Amit now runs his own Gym in Israel, specialising in Krav Maga for all levels and Combat Fitness.



The week begins.....

I landed in Ben Gurion Airport (Tel Aviv) to be greeted by Amit at the arrivals lounge, after a warm welcome from Amit we had a short walk to the car then on to the Gym, which was now my new home for the next 6 days.

I believe in doing things properly and immersing my self in the training environment, and I did exactly that. Amit showed me my room in the Gym, I wasn't expecting 5 stars but I was pleasantly surprised with a comfortable room equipped with a fridge and coffee machine, believe me I needed the coffee! It was late and we had a early start with training in the morning.


The first morning in the Gym Amit started by explaining the history of Krav Maga and sharing his own background in Krav Maga. We started training with the aim of taking me through the IMKM Curriculum.

Training was 1-1, and was taught at a fast pace, I was making extensive notes on the material as Amit taught it to me, picking up small details that make big differences. It was Impressive to be in the presence of someone so passionate and knowledgeable in there field of expertise.

Amit Porat's Gym - Krav Maga Newcastle
Training at IMKM HQ
IMKM Curriculum

The Curriculum was progressive and structured very well, however I was more impressed by the explanation of WHY certain things are done the way they are done, the sign of a good Instructor is one that can give you the depth of knowledge behind more than just a movement, and Amit certainly did that.

Along with the intensive daily 1-1 tuition I was receiving, I also attended the regular classes, this was great as I was able to see first hand Amit in action with his great teaching style and also got to train with a friendly group of local students.

More than a training trip

Although daily training was intensive, Amit also made sure I got to see Israel and its culture, we visited Jerusalem, the Yad Vashem (Holocaust Museum) this is a amazing place and I'm very grateful I got to visit it, I could write a whole blog on this alone.


International Security Academy - We visited this academy which is also home to the Olympic shooting range, I was able to see a range of security personnel being taken through various scenarios from basic searches to defending knife attacks and having to make space to enable the safe draw of there Glock pistols.


We also visited Tel Aviv Beach and Pier, visited some great shopping malls and experienced some of the best food in Israel, from local street food to amazing restaurants.

Security Academy - Israel 2016
Tel Aviv

This was a intensive week of training with a steep learning curve which was hugely beneficial to me as a instructor in Krav Maga. Throughout the week Amit was a great host with an incredible teaching ability. I would recommend anyone wanting to take there Krav Maga to the next level to go and train with Amit at his Gym in Israel, you can find out more about Amit and IMKM here.

Jeff Hollows Krav Maga Newcastle

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